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CPAHOA - Associations and Fraud

Associations and Fraud

Learn how to safeguard your homeowner association from fraud with a detailed understanding of the Fraud Triangle and practical steps to prevent financial misconduct. Discover essential tips on implementing effective checks and balances to maintain fiscal responsibility and integrity in your community association.

CPAHOA - State of the Association

What’s the State of the Union for your Community Association?

Why your Community Association should adopt an annual State of the Union address, fostering transparency, homeowner education, and better communication between the board and residents. Learn how this practice can illuminate the association’s activities, financial decisions, and future projects.

CPAHOA - major capital improvement projects

Associations, Major Projects and how to pay for them.

Explore effective strategies for funding major projects in Community Associations. Learn about using reserve funds, securing loans, and implementing special assessments to manage repair costs responsibly.

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